Anonymous / Sep 22, 2007

A teenage boy was going to turn 16 in three months. He went to his father and asked him if he could have a car for his birthday. His dad said, "Son, your mother and I have been talking about that and we have a few problems with you getting your own car. First, your hair is entirely too long. You really need to get it cut. Secondly, your grades leave a lot to be desired. You really need to bring them up to at least a C+. Finally, your mother really wants you to spend more time reading the Bible. You take care of those three things, and then we'll talk about a car."


Three months later, it's the boy's 16th birthday. He comes to his dad and asks again about the car. His dad says, "Well Son, your mother and I have been talking about that and we're really happy about how well you're doing in school. When last we checked, you had a B average. Also, your mom says that you've been keeping up with your daily Bible readings quite well. However, you haven't bothered to get a haircut since before we started talking about a car."


The boy says, "Dad, I've been reading in the Bible and I've learned quite a few things. For one thing, I've learned that both Moses and Jesus had long hair. I think that if long hair was good enough for Moses and Jesus, it ought to be good enough for me."

His dad replied, "You know son, you're right about Moses and Jesus both having long hair, but if you remember from your Bible readings, Moses and Jesus both walked everywhere they went!"

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