Is Also the World’s Responsibility
Bassam Darwich / Sep 27, 2007

After watching Ahmadinajad speaking at Columbia University, I wonder if there would be one Iranian who can claim he is proud of being represented by such a lunatic.  I don’t think that even his mullah bosses and colleagues are going to be proud of him.


He started his speech complaining that he wasn’t given enough time to speak.  Of course! In Iran, as the case is in all Arabic countries, time has no value, especially when the leaders give their speeches; nobody, then, has the right to count the hours!  However, instead of using the time he had to promote a case or to answer questions, he wasted most of it talking about Allah and Muhammad and other Islamic crap that the audience had no interest whatsoever listening to it. One can tell that everybody was asking him silently to stop the crap and get to the issues.


Being familiar with the mind of this lunatic who claimed that he saw an aura of light around his body while speaking in the UN a year or so ago, I believe he certainly thought that this gathering was another opportunity given to him by Allah to promote the “religion of peace and mercy” on the very land of the “kuffar” the infidels, not realizing that the odor of garbage became more tolerable in the West than the odor of Islam. 


Second, he claimed that Columbia President Lee Bollinger’s introduction was disrespectful.  It is really absurd to hear someone who has no respect at all for human rights asking to be respected. 


He claimed he was insulted by Bolinger, but he did not mind insulting the memory of six million people slaughtered or burned by the Nazis, saying that this is a claim that needs “more research”.  Sure! Perhaps we should all agree with him on this issue and start all over, by opening the books on his prophet’s crimes, especially the crimes of slaughtering more than seven hundred Jewish men of Bani Quraydha, capturing their women and selling them as slaves, and finally raping one of them (Safiya Bint Huyay) after beheading her husband!


The University’s president doubted in his introduction that Ahmadinajad would have the “intellectual courage” to answer his challenging questions. But the word “intellect” was a very generous term, and Bollinger should have doubted that Ahmadinajad would have any intellect whatsoever to answer the questions! People obsessed of religious hatred are not powered by intellect but by instinct.


Ahmadinajad kept bragging about himself as an academic.  Oh yes, the Islamic world is full of academics; it is a world where they call those who graduate from Islamic madrasas “ulama” i.e., academics, scientists, or savants! Yes, he is nobody but one of those academic ulama who still believe that sun rises and sets on the horns of Satan, as Muhammad had taught 1400 years ago!


Ahmadinajad avoided most questions - if not all - responding with questions of his own. In fact, all of his answers were in the form of "tu quoque" statements which were beneath the academic standards of his audience. This man was an insult to the audience in the University and to everyone who wasted time around the world waiting to hear what he was going to say. How can someone believe a word from a leader who claims that there are no homosexuals in his country and say to the audience, as if he were talking to a bunch of little children: "We don't have homosexuals like in your country! We don't have that in our country. We don't have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you we have it." 

Perhaps he hanged the few he was able to find, but he forgot to send his Revolutionary Guards to search for the millions in the closets of Iran.  Perhaps he should also take a look at himself in a mirror... People with double standards people do exist in Iran, too!


Another answer which was ridiculous and insulting to the intelligence of the audience was in response to a question about the barbaric executions, such as stoning to death women accused of committing adultery, or hanging homosexuals. He said: you execute the criminals in your country, and so de we.  He completely ignored that the question was about the killing of people whose only crime was choosing a certain life style.   


Although I applaud President of Columbia University, Dr. Bollinger, for his brave and straightforward introduction, I still believe that Ahmadinajad shouldn’t have been allowed to set a foot on the campus. In fact, I believe he should have been arrested as soon as he entered the United States to “do some more research” on his possible involvement in the attack on the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979.


Ridding Iran of this lunatic is not only the responsibility of the people of Iran but also the World.


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