Bassam Darwich / Oct 04, 2007

Name: Kareem
IP Address:
Subject: Satanic Community
Comment: Hi there;
I’m an Algerian Guy Proud of my Origins Arabic and Amazigh or Imazighen if you want… and I’m proud of my religion as well being Muslim!! I’m VERY PROUD
I’ve visited your web site named: and I’ve read some of your sheets!! Believe me, I have more than one logical answer about your lies or Events falsification happened on the Long Glory Story of Arabs and Islam as well!! But I’ve not enough time to do it and I know that you are blind and you have ears without function…
One more thing, even if the Muslim Nation is sleeping during more than two centuries (No Innovations…), but it still the best one, you know why?? Because despite her weakness and the Satanic Plans you are doing with your commanders, for instance Bush and his dirty missioners like you and all members of your Satanic Forum, I’m saying despite this and other historical factors, this Great Nation didn’t die and will never die as it has the necessary factors to still alive!!
The ancestors of your commander (Bush) had exterminated the Indians; the Europeans have bloody Story in Arabic Countries like France in Algeria and Syria, England in Egypt, Iraq and Palestine, etc… Despite this, their languages are not spoken at all in these Countries daily… May be, you will tell me they are the language of Science and this is true, but this is not what I mean…what I mean is that people do not use them daily, because they rejected them as this Europeans tried to oblige them by their Crimes; however the Arabic Language still be spoken in the same countries because people accepted it for many reasons that you can not understand or you don’t want to understand!!
Additionally, I don’t understand why you are keeping Arabic and Muslims names (Hussein, Ibrahim, Wafa, Saeed, etc…) you hate Muslims and Arabs, so why you are keeping these names, change them to Peter, John, Dog, Dirty, etc… Our Names are Pure and they couldn’t be tied to your Satanic Bodies and Souls!!
Finally, I summarize your state in your Forum: I think that you are a Satanic Community of Dirty Persons who are looking for Celebrity even if it is against your conscience, may be you are paid for this Dirty Mission… but you need to be aware that one day you will die and at that time we’ll see: Who is Right and who is Wrong? Who is Victim and who is Criminal? Who is Pure and who is Dirty? Who is Civilized and who is Barber??!!
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) still the MOST FAMOUS PERSON and LOVED PERSONALITY in Human Story, of course in Scientists Eyes not in yours!!
In all cases, you are the people concerned by the French Proverb: “Les chiens aboient, la caravane passe”. If you don’t understand it ask somebody to translate it to you!!
Asta Lavista


Mr. Kareem;

You forgot to tell me one thing in your letter: What is it that makes you VERY PROUD of your religion?

Are you really proud of Muhammad who assanited a woman in her own house while she was breast feeding her children, burned people and their homes, torn the body of an old woman…just because they voiced their opinions about his false propphethood?


Muhammad is the most famous person? Yes indeed! But as a sex maniac who raped a 6 years old child, and as a thief and mass murderer.  Also, of course he is a “loved personality” but by bunch of people exactly like him. I bet you would kill and steal and rape and then be proud of your acts because you believe that you are walking on the path of your beloved “prophet”.

As for your French proverb, “The dogs bark but the caravan rolls on”, this is one thing at least we both agree on, but take my advise: Don’t over do it, otherwise you could hurt your vocal cords.


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